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Институт проблем машиноведения РАН ( ИПМаш РАН ) Институт проблем машиноведения РАН ( ИПМаш РАН )

Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Areas of Research

Theoretical and applied research in the theory of nonlinear vibrations of mechanical systems as a foundation for the development of new energy- and resource-saving vibration machines.

  • Theory behind vibrational processes and devices. Vibration effects in the design of new machines and technologies.
  • Effective ways to excite useful vibration, including through self-synchronization of unbalanced rotors and resonance phenomena.
  • Development of the stochastic resonance theory and its applications in the design of vibration machines.
  • Vibration in mineral and waste processing technologies and in the design of new vibration machines (crushers, mills, screens, feeders, conveyors, separators, flotation machines).
  • Adaptation of complex theoretical research to practical applications and development of respective research-based engineering calculation methods.
  • Prevention or reduction of the risk of emergencies associated with nonlinear oscillatory phenomena, including anthropogenic seismic activity.
  • Development of new methods for dampening harmful vibrations.

Fundamental Knowledge

  • Vibrational displacement theory.
  • Discovery of the phenomenon and framing of the theory of self-synchronization of rotating bodies, development of a new class of vibration machines and devices on its basis.
  • Vibrational mechanics and vibrational rheology as the new analytical approaches to studying the effects of vibration on nonlinear dynamic systems; oscillatory strobodynamics as a generalization of these methods.

Research Methods

  • Classical analytical methods under the theory of nonlinear vibrations, as well as new methods of vibrational mechanics and vibrational rheology developed by the vibrational mechanics laboratory.
  • Experimental studies of the phenomena associated with exposure of various granular, liquid, and combined systems and media to vibration using, in particular, the unique universal vibration stand designed by the laboratory.
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