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Институт Проблем Машиноведения РАН ( ИПМаш РАН ) Институт Проблем Машиноведения РАН ( ИПМаш РАН )

Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The main fields of activities of the laboratory:

  • Mathematic simulation and analysis of behavior of engineered structures and natural objects under overintensive thermomechanical impacts.
  • Analysis and prediction of behavior of structures with defects (formation of micro and macroruptures, crack propagation, etc.), creation of high-tech criteria of durability of materials and elements of structures.
  • Tests of materials in extreme conditions (high-rate loading, mechanical impact, explosion, high densities of energy, aggressive chemical medium and others) on unique experimental equipment.

Main scientific tasks of the Laboratory:

  • Development of new principles of material testing and simulation of behavior of structures under extreme conditions of intensive high-speed interaction.
  • Application of new methods to solve technological problems of up-to-date industry and distribution of these methods among engineers, scientists and professionals.

Among the partners of the Laboratory, there are world-famous companies such as GazpromRussian Railways, Shell and others. Successful cooperation with them was achieved mostly due to unique combination of top-qualification professionals in various fields of theoretical and experimental physics as well as to advanced experimental facilities of Dynamics Center.

Main Results:

  • Carried out was the study of structural-temporal specifics of spall fracture.
  • Studied was the influence of ultrasonic field on threshold characteristics of phase transformation in liquid mediums.
  • Studied was erosion damage, in particular its energy specifics and high-rate erosion of ultrafine–grained materials.
  • Crack propagation was simulated. Plotted was the relationship between SIF (stress intensity factor) and crack velocity, explained were known contradictory experimental observations.
  • Obtained was explanation of important effects observed at dynamic fragmentation caused by collision of solids.
  • Represented were the results of the study of time effects of electric breakdown which can be considered as an analog of fracture of ‘defect-free’ mediums.
  • Suggested was the relaxation theory of plastic deformation, physical interpretation of model parameters was given.

Innovative projects:

  • Material fracture and erosion in high-velocity flows.
  • Optimization of energy consumption of underwater break of rocks.
  • Shock strain and fracture of fibred concrete CARDIFRC.
  • Damage of road bed by antislip studs.
  • Model of vibration and ultrasonic cutting of materials.
  • Recording of destruction processes on a real-time basis.
  • Dynamic strength and crack resistance of tube steels.
  • Shock-wave deformation of rail-road bed (Contract with OAO RZhD).
  • Electric pulse rock breaking (Contract with Royal Dutch Shell).
  • Destruction of road concrete mix under dynamic loads.

Scientific Conferences:
Conferences in which the staff members are the outside speakers and the members of the Organizing Committee:

  • XV International Conference on Computational Plasticity-COMPLAS 2019- September 2-5, 2019, Barcelona, Spain. Auditory report: A.N. Martemyanov, Yu.V. Petrov. Temporal Characterization of Rock Dynamic Destruction.
  • XLVII International Summer School and Conference: Advanced Problems in Mechanics, June 24-29, 2019, St. Petersburg, Russia. Outside plenary report: Yu. Petrov. Fracture and Structural Transformations: Statics vs Dynamics
  • XII All-Russian Congress on Fundamental Problems of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Ufa, August 19-24, 2019. Outside plenary report: Yu.V. Petrov. Structural-temporal Specifics of Dynamic Fracture of Continuum.

  • The 7th Virtual International Conference on CrackPaths, September 21st to 24th, 2021. http://cp2021.crackpaths.org. Report of Yu. Petrov, N. Kazarinov, A. Utkin. Dynamic Effects and an Oscillator Model of a Spatio-temporal Representative Volume Describing Fracture Process at the Crack.

  • International Scientific Symposium on Problems of Mechanics of Deformed Bodies dedicated to 110th birthday of A.A. Ilyushin. January 20-21, 2021, Moscow. Report Structural-temporal Specifics of Plastic Deformation of Materials, N.S. Seliutina, Yu.V. Petrov (SPbSU, Saint Petersburg)

  • 27th All-Russian Conference with participation of foreign scientists on Numerical Methods of Solving Problems in the Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity, dedicated to 100th birthday of Nikolay Nikolaevitch Yanenko, Krasnoyarsk, Siberian Federal University. July 5-9, 2021. Plenary report: Dynamic Deformation of Metals and Laminated Metal-polymeric Composite Materials on the Base of Relaxation Model of Plasticity. N.S. Seliutina, Yu.V. Petrov (SPbSU, Saint Petersburg)

  • Advanced Problems in Mechanics APM-2021 http://apm-conf.spb.ru/images/programapm2021_25.06

  • ECF23, European Conference on Fracture 2022, June 27 – July 1, 2022. Funchal, Madeira, Portugal Yu.V. Petrov – the Member of International Organizing Committee

  • The 15th International Congress on Fracture to be held in Atlanta, June 11-16, 2023 - ICF15 in Atlanta, GA http://www.icf15.org/node/7

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