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Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Council of Young Scientists of IPMash RAS took part in the XI-th All-Russian Congress of Councils of Young Scientists

The XI-th Congress of Councils of Young Scientists (CYS) was held in Nizhny Novgorod from June 21 to 24. Our Institute took part in it in the person of Nikita Kolesnik, a CYS and trade union member (a graduate student, intern researcher in the Laboratory of Adaptive and Intelligent Control of Network and Distributed Systems).
The event was attended by more than 1000 participants, including representatives of CYS and Students Scientific Societies (SSS), members of the Coordinating Council for Youth Affairs in the Scientific and Educational Spheres, laureates of the President of the Russian Federation Award in the field of science and innovation for young scientists, participants of the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation at the Congress of Young Scientists, representatives of the community of the winners of the competition «Leaders of Russia» (track «Science»), young scientists – the recipients of state support measures, as well as representatives of the other youth communities and science volunteers. Young representatives of science came from all 89 regions of Russia, including Donetsk People's Republic, Lugansk People's Republic, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.
The main purpose of the congress was to involve communities of young scientists in solving the most important tasks for the development of the society and the country. At some panel sessions, the young people shared their most successful projects and practices with a wide audience.

So, Anton Nizhnikov from St. Petersburg State University told how amyloids and prions are connected, how they are involved in the development of a number of incurable diseases of humans and animals, what biological functions they perform in various organisms, and also what their role is in regulating the nutritional value of plant products. Ekaterina Grizanova from Novosibirsk State Agrarian University shared advanced knowledge about the mechanisms of formation of insect resistance to biological agents, and how the plant protectors use the latest molecular genetic methods to create innovative biological products to control the number of insect pests in agriculture.

There were many other interesting reports (the organizers plan to post the best practices on the congress website — http://forum2023.scienceid.net /).

Nikita Kolesnik together with Anna Ilyina and Varvara Ovsyannikova, representatives of the Youth Commission of the Trade Union of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Vasily Kelbin, Chairman of the Council of Scientific Youth of IC&G SB RAS.

Much attention was also paid to new trends in the scientific and organizational field, which have been actively developing recently, i.e. scientific volunteering and scientific tourism. At the heart of scientific volunteering is the involvement of volunteers in the collection and analysis of data necessary for scientific research. In many areas of science, such assistance would be invaluable. This time scientific tourism was presented as a part of a panel discussion, a project session and a project game «Assemble your route of popular science tourism». It should be noted that this direction is actively developing in St. Petersburg, including through the efforts of our colleagues from the St. Petersburg Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who have developed and conduct a cycle of excursions to scientific objects of our city regularly (https://vk.com/scientific_tourism ).

Also at the congress there was a meeting of CYS and SSS with the coordinator of the Coordinating Council for Youth Affairs in the Scientific and Educational Spheres of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation for Science and Education of the North-Western Federal District, where participants were told about the activities of the Coordinating Council in the country and the results of the conference CYS-SSS NWFD, organized by CYS SPb RAS «PARUS on the Neva.»

In parallel with the main sessions devoted to the practices and projects of CYS and SSS, the RSF School was held, at which such important issues as: implementation of expertise, current principles and rules for conducting RSF competitions, and many others related to the activities of the Foundation were discussed.

One of the important tasks of the congress was to establish horizontal ties between young scientists from different organizations and cities, therefore it is impossible not to mention the extensive evening program, which included the project «Science in Bars», a closed film screening of the film «Challenge». In a separate line, it is worth mentioning the evening Science Slam, a show, where young scientists talked about their scientific activities in a short, simple, and fascinating format. The winner was a lady of science conducting research on the fight against cancer cells.

On the final day, excursions to various scientific organizations of Nizhny Novgorod were organized. Among the proposed routs were the Institute of Biology and Biomedicine, the Department of Analytical and Medical Chemistry of NNSU, Laboratories of the Faculty of Physics and of the Scientific and Educational Center «Physics of Solid-state nanostructures» and the Museum «Nizhny Novgorod Radio Laboratory».

Author of the material: Nikita Kolesnik.

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