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Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering
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Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences

IPMash RAS took part in the III Congress of Young Scientists

From November 28 to November 30, 2023, the III Young Scientists Congress was held on the territory of the Sirius Science and Art Park. It was the largest event of the Decade of Science and Technology declared by the RF President Decree in order to strengthen the role of science and technology in solving the most important tasks of the development of the society and the country. This year, our Institute was represented at the Congress by Yesenia Kopysova, a graduate student and an employee of the laboratory Adaptive and Intelligent Control of Network and Distributed Systems.

More than 5000 representatives of the scientific community from 85 regions of Russia and more than 36 countries of the world took part in the large-scale event.
The Congress brought together the representatives of the leading scientific schools from various regions of Russia, as well as the representatives of the scientific and educational organizations, the leading scientists, and, most importantly, the talented young researchers, the winners of grant competitions, the students and schoolchildren from Russia and other countries.

The congress had a rich business program, which consisted of five thematic tracks.
Each of these tracks discussed important aspects of science and technology development, including basic research, innovations in engineering, medicine and ecology, as well as in the field of social and humanitarian research.
Yesenia shared her impressions:

“Most of all, I remember the session «AI Journey: a journey into the world of artificial intelligence». This sub-forum was organized by Sberbank PJSC and the AIRI Institute of Artificial Intelligence. It was dedicated to the introduction of neural networks into various fields of activity – agriculture, robotics, healthcare, ecology, quantum physics, and topics related to an inclusive society were also touched upon. Many articles and news reports are devoted to the Congress, emphasizing its importance and significance. From personal experience, I can say that this event is an excellent platform for sharing experiences and strengthening ties between young scientists. This is an event which can inspire young researchers on their way to professional growth.”

Additional information and records of all reports can be viewed at the link


It should also be noted that Alexey Redkov, a member of the Trade Union of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists (YSC) of IPMash RAS, participated actively in the formation of one of the sub-forums of the Congress — the open program. The main areas of activity of the Trade Union, points of contact with YSC and young scientists and successful examples of their interaction were outlined at the sub-forum.
Attention was paid to such topics as housing certificates, interdisciplinary conferences, sports events for Trade Union members, applications for NPO grants, cultural events, as well as events to promote science.

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