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Институт Проблем Машиноведения РАН ( ИПМаш РАН ) Институт Проблем Машиноведения РАН ( ИПМаш РАН )

Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences
A.B. Freidin

A.B. Freidin - Head of Department - Laboratory of Mathematical Methods in Mechanics of Materials

A.B. Freidin
Position :
Head of Department , Principal Researcher
Academic title :
Senior Researcher
Academic degree :
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
199178 Russia, St. Petersburg, V. O., Bolshoy Pr., 61
Research interests :
Mechanics of Solids
Professional activity :

Current Positions

1999 - Present Head of the Laboratory of Mathematical Methods in Mechanics of Materials, IPME RAS
2001 - Present Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics,
St. Petersburg State University
2002 - Present Professor of the Department of Mechanics and Control,
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Academic Degrees

  • Doctor of Sciences, Physics and Mathematics, 1997
    Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences. St. Petersburg, Russia
    Thesis: Phase Transition Zones and Phase Equilibrium in Elastic Solids under the Process of Deformation
  • Ph.D., Physics and Mathematics, 1987
    Moscow Physical and Technical Institute. Moscow, Dolgoprudny, Russia
    Thesis: Crazes and Shear Deformation of Glassy Polymers and ABS-composites
  • M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, 1976
    Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (now St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University)
    Department of Physics and Mechanics

Membership in Professional Societies

Member of Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Member of Editorial Boards

  • Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics
  • Materials Physics and Mechanics

Scientific Advisory Board

Journal of Theoretical Computational and Applied Mechanics (JTCAM)
Open access journal: free for readers and authors

Grants and Projects

  • Thermodynamics and kinetics of structural transformations and damage accumulation in processes of deformation and fracture of multicomponent solids, 2014 - present (Project of IPME RAS, project leader)
  • Elaboration of models for the description of propagating phase and chemical transformations fronts in interconnection with the processes of deformation and fracture of construction elements in microengineering applications 2019 - 2023 (Russian Science Foundation, № 19-19-00552, project leader)
  • Mechanochemistry of advanced anode designs in Li-ion batteries , 2018 - 2020 (Russian Foundation for Basic Research-DFG (Germany), № 17-51-12055, project leader)
  • Problems of mechanics of phase and chemical transformations in homogeneous and composite materials, 2016 - 2018 (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, № 16-01-00815, project leader)
  • Statement and solution of coupled mechanochemistry problems, 2013 - 2015 (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, № 13-01-00687, project leader)
  • Fracture of the contact surfaces of ceramic tribosystems 2013-2015 (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, № 13-08-00553, team member)
  • Kinetics of phase and chemical transformations in deformable materials, 2010 - 2012 (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, № 10-01-00670, project leader)
  • Modelling the influence of mechanical factors on growth and fracture of bones, 2009-2011 (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, № 09-01-00849, team member)
  • New phase areas nucleation and development under thermal and load action on deformable solids, 2007-2009 (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, № 07-01-00525, project leader)
  • Modeling the effects of mechanics and chemistry on material damage and failure, 2006-2012 (Sandia National Laboratories, Contract 499338, project leader)
  • Influence of phase transformations on deformation, stability and fracture of elastic solids,. 2004-2006 (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, № 04-01-00431, project leader)
  • Theoretical and experimental studies of damage in relation with defects and phase transformations, 2003-2007 (Fundamental Research Program of RAS, project leader)
  • Mechanics of phase and structure transformations in multi-phase deformable medium, 2003-2007 (Fundamental Research Program of RAS, team leader)
  • Equilibrium and stability of two-phase deformations in nonlinear elastic solids within the framework of phase transition zones, 2004-2005 (INTAS Young Scientist Fellowship, NIS supervisor)
  • Mechanics of phase and structural transitions in multi-component deformable medium, 2002-2004 (Russian Ministry of Industry and Sciences, № 40.010.1 1.1195, project coordinator)
  • Phase transitions under static and dynamic loading of solids, 2002 - 2004 (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, № 01-01-00324, project leader)
  • Stress-induced phase transformations and stability of multi-phase states, 2002-2003 (The Royal Society Joint Project Grant, with Prof. Y. Fu, University of Keele, UK)
  • Phase transition zones and phase boundaries evolution under the process of deformation and fracture of solids, 1998 - 2000 (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, № 98-01-01054, project leader)
  • Integration Grants 2003, 2004 (team leader)
  • Deformations and stresses in hollow polymer particles on the stage of swelling. 2001 (project leader)
Teaching activities :

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg University

Teaching Courses

  • Nonlinear mechanics of deformable solids
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Theory of plasticity
  • Special courses: Eshelby problem in mechanics of materials, Phase interfaces and chemical reaction fronts within the configurational forces mechanics
  • Head of the International Master's Degree Program "Continuum Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications" at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Lectures in foreign universities

  • "Introduction to mechanics of moving interfaces: stress-affected chemical reactions".
    Ecole Polytechnique, Laboratoire de Mécanique des Solides, Paris, France, February 2020
  • "Elements of tensor calculus with examples from linear elasticity. Introduction to mechanics of fracture".
    Beijin University of Civil Engineering anf Architecture (BUCEA), China, December 2019
  • Lectures at Summer Schools on mathematics and mechanics in Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA) in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • "Introduction to Mechanics of Fracture".
    Beijin University of Civil Engineering anf Architecture (BUCEA), China, October 2018
  • Course of lectures "Advanced mechanics and thermodynamics of continuum with applications to stress-induced phase transitions and mechanochemistry".
    Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin), Germany, April – May 2018 (ERASMUS program).
  • Distinguished Professor of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Beijing Oversea Talents Center (since 2018)
  • Courses of lectures for PhD students ""Introduction to mechanics of moving interfaces and chemical reactions fronts".
    Otto-von-Guericke Universität, Magdeburg, Germany, January 2016
  • "Eshelby problem in micromechanics of materials".
    Otto-von-Guericke Universität, Magdeburg, Germany, October-November 2011



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  2. Freidin A.B. Mechanics of Fracture. Eshelby Problem. Saint-Petersburg. Polytechnical University Press. 2010. 238 p. (In Russian) . DOI: 10.18720/SPBPU/2/si20-805

Selected papers

  1. Kabanova P.K., Morozov A., Freidin A.B., Chudnovsky A. Numerical simulations of interface propagation in elastic solids with stress concentrators. In: Altenbach H., Bruno G., Eremeyev V.A. Gutkin M.Y., Müller W.H. (eds) Mechanics of Heterogeneous Materials. Advanced Structured Materials. Springer, Cham. Vol. 195. August 2023.
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